Two former NFL running backs, LaDainian Tomlinson and Shane Vereen, sat down with Lindsay Rhodes on NFL Network and were asked which players they are most excited to see return from injury. They named two San Francisco 49ers.

Vereen, who spent four seasons with the New England Patriots and three with the New York Giants, selected running back Jerick McKinnon. He believes the running back's style of play is perfect for what 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan wants out of the position.

"Kyle Shanahan has a lot of outside zone," Vereen told Rhodes. "There's a lot of screens to the back, and there's a lot of routes where the back is open in space. This is where Jerick McKinnon has made his money. This is where he has made a name for himself formerly with the Minnesota Vikings."

Vereen believes that McKinnon's versatility as a rusher and receiver will create a productive 2019 campaign for the running back.

Tomlinson initially wanted to name tight end Hunter Henry of the Los Angeles Chargers but didn't want to appear biased toward the team with which he played for nine seasons. Instead, he went with quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

"We've had a small sample size with Jimmy, but he's 8-2 as a starter," Tomlinson said. "Here's the thing about quarterbacks; they can energize a whole franchise."

Pro Football Focus recently named Garoppolo as one of two 49ers players on its top-10 list of NFL Comeback Player of the Year candidates.

"He ended his first season with the 'Niners with an 86.6 overall grade, and he displayed remarkable, game-changing poise both from a clean pocket (110.1 passer rating – sixth among quarterbacks) and while under pressure (108.0 passer rating against unblocked pressure) – much like his mentor during his time in New England," wrote Mark Chichester of PFF.

The other player on PFF's list is not McKinnon, but cornerback Jason Verrett, who signed a one-year deal with the 49ers on March 14. While injury has plagued his NFL career, Chichester notes that Verrett managed an elite coverage grade while allowing an 82.9 passer rating on throws against him during his one (mostly) healthy season in 2015. Verrett was named to the Pro Bowl after that campaign.

H/t to Patrick Tulini for the find.