Nate Burleson recently said on Good Morning Football that he believes the San Francisco 49ers can win but being in a tough NFC West will make that difficult. Tight end George Kittle joined Good Morning Football on Friday and when asked about this year's expectations, said his goal going into a new season is to win every game. He knows that probably won't happen but that is his mindset.

"We're going to do everything that we can to go out there and be incredibly competitive and whoop up on some people," Kittle said.

Burleson asked Kittle, "You know there's Russell Wilson in Seattle, right?"

"Hey, you know we've got Richard Sherman, right?" Kittle responded.

"You know the Rams are the team in the NFC West," Burleson then said. "That's what they're saying."

"I've got DeForest Buckner," Kittle said.

"I heard that Kyler Murray was going to the Cardinals too," Burleson added.

Kittle came back with, "I've got Kyle Shanahan," and then banged on the table.

Burleson was left impressed with the responses.