Reuben Foster's accuser, Elissa Ennis, went on "Good Morning America" on Thursday morning and claimed that the San Francisco 49ers attempted to discredit her to police during the linebacker's arrest in Tampa, Florida on November 24.

"Even when I called the police, the 49ers came up there," Ennis said during the interview. "I have pictures of the 49ers coming up there trying to talk to the police telling them I'm the same ex-girlfriend that sat up there and lied."

The 49ers released the following statement via a team spokesman hours later (h/t to David Lombardi of The Athletic):

"The 49ers fully cooperated with authorities, assisted in locating Mr. Foster and in no way impeded their investigation."

The arrest was Foster's second since February in relation to domestic violence. Both instances involved Ennis, who testified on the witness stand during the trial for the earlier arrest that her claims of domestic violence were a fabrication. She said she lied about what happened in February to protect Foster.

Ennis said during the interview that Foster invited her to fly out to Tampa, Florida in November to see him. The 49ers were preparing for a road game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

"I came, and he took one of my phones, and he slapped me and pushed me," Ennis said.

The two were arguing because Ennis told Foster she was going to tell Foster's new girlfriend that the linebacker paid for her flight to visit him. That triggered the confrontation which led to Foster's arrest. She says the two were trying to work on their relationship.

You can watch Ennis' interview on "Good Morning America" below.

The Washington Redskins claimed Foster after the 49ers waived him on November 26.

"We tried our best to [put structure around him], and it did not work out," 49ers general manager John Lynch said after Washington claimed Foster. "I own that. I do personally. I put my belief in him and that hurts for me because I believed in the kid. I wanted him to be successful. I really thought I could help him in that. I thought the resources we put into him could help him. Hopefully, we did in some form or fashion."

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