The San Francisco 49ers brass doesn't seem too concerned with Richard Sherman's latest injury. The veteran cornerback injured his hamstring during practice on Friday. General manager John Lynch joined KNBR on Monday morning and shared that he is not too concerned about the injury and believes in Sherman's ability to prepare for an NFL season. He is, after all, entering his eighth NFL season.

"Now he's got something he's dealing with, but he knows how to get ready for a season," Lynch said. "He will be ready, and it gives him two more weeks, frankly, to let the injuries he's coming off kind of heal up. We need him for September 9."

Sherman will not practice this week nor will he play in Thursday's exhibition opener against the Dallas Cowboys. The team will re-evaluate Sherman's injury next week and attempt to progress him back if everything looks good.

Saleh's comments following Monday's practice echoed those by Lynch.

"It's coming along good," Saleh said of Sherman's recovery. "Sherm has great conviction that he'll be back sooner than later and I've always stood by it. If Sherm says something, it's going to happen. He feels pretty good about being back within the next week, a week and a half, or whatever it is.

"It's not anything major and Sherm, I don't know how many reps he needs at this point, but Sherm knows how to prepare for the season."