If you see a San Francisco 49ers wideout or tight end running free against an opposing defensive back, it may not entirely be that defensive player's fault. 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan is such an innovative play designer that it probably seems like there is always someone open on offense.

Just ask the NFL's second-ranked defense in 2017 – the Jacksonville Jaguars. Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo had his second-best passer rating and helped to put up 44 points against that defense last season.

Tight end George Kittle joined the Murph & Mac show on KNBR Monday morning and was asked if somebody is open at all times in Shanahan's offense.

"Yeah, basically," Kittle answered.

Then it is just up to Garoppolo to get the ball to that open target.

Kittle is a candidate for the 49ers' breakout player in 2018, and he feels the rhythm between him and Garoppolo is strengthening this offseason with each passing practice. While those practices help him get more in tune with his quarterback, Kittle is really looking forward to Thursday's exhibition opener against the Dallas Cowboys.

"I plan on playing as long as I can because I miss the game," Kittle said. "I've wanted to play football for about three months now, so we're getting there."

Kittle, like Garoppolo, isn't likely to see a lot of playing time on Thursday. Keeping the duo healthy is the priority. Kittle is neither fighting for a roster spot nor is he trying to climb the depth chart. He will be 49ers' starting tight end when the team opens the season on the road against the Minnesota Vikings on September 9.

You can listen to the entire interview with Kittle below.