The San Francisco 49ers veterans will select a rookie at each open practice to try and get the fans in attendance fired up at the start of each session. On Friday, it was Mike McGlinchey's turn, and he performed admirably, according to head coach Kyle Shanahan.

The rookie tackle ran up and down the stands and ignited a "Let's go, Niners!" chant from The Faithful.

One reporter on Thursday complimented the good job that McGlinchey did.

"He did do a good job for that to be the first one," Shanahan responded.

The head coach is glad the new tradition didn't begin last year.

"Last year, Reuben (Foster) might have tackled someone," Shanahan said. "That would have made me nervous."

McGlinchey doesn't exactly have the personality that comes to mind when Shanahan thinks about players who would be good at firing up a crowd of football-hungry fans.

"He kind of surprised me out there," the coach said. "He went up into the stands and everything. I don't think they were expecting that much to hype them up. His effort was good."

A story that made headlines this morning was a gift package that Shanahan and his son, Carter, received from rap star Lil Wayne. Carter is named after the rapper, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. The swag included signed albums, posters, and personal messages to the two Shanahans.

"Pierre (Garçon) came up to me right when we got back, and he's like, 'Hey, somebody sent me something,'" Shanahan explained. "And I guess his manager or someone knew Pierre. So they asked Pierre, if they send him something, if he can hand it to me. So Pierre brought it to me right when we got back. It was cool. I was excited."

Shanahan was asked if Carter was indeed named after the rapper.

"Yes. I mean, if I told you it was a 100 percent that, my wife would kill me," he answered. "My wife really liked the name. At the time, I was just infatuated with (Lil Wayne).

"When I got into the NFL, I would always have to sit in rooms and break down film and draw up plays. It started when I was in Tampa with (Jon) Gruden. The only thing that gets you through is just sitting there and listening to music ... When my wife told me she liked the name Carter, it was easy for me because I was pretty obsessed at the time."