The fun vibe among San Francisco 49ers players has not gone unnoticed by those who cover the team on a daily basis. This year's squad is a tight-knit group, and that's how the coaching staff wants it.

"I think we've got a close team and it makes it a lot more fun to come into work," head coach Kyle Shanahan said on Tuesday.

That fun vibe is apparent in a video that 49ers Studios, the team's in-house production company, released on Friday afternoon of running back Jerick McKinnon mic'd up during one of the two minicamp practices this week. It shows him having fun while interacting with his fellow running backs, quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, cornerback Richard Sherman, and other teammates.

There are also brief glimpses of McKinnon's ability to catch the football and run routes like a receiver, something that makes him dangerous out of the backfield in a Shanahan-run offense.

"Jerick, he's a talent, man," Garoppolo said last week. "He does some things that you don't even know how he does them, is the best way to describe it. He's like a jitterbug back there, but he's savvy and smart at the same time, which is a great feeling as a quarterback having a guy like that."

H/T to Patrick Tulini for the find.