FOX sideline reporter and host of NFL Network's Good Morning Football, Peter Schrager, helped host the San Francisco 49ers' State of the Franchise event last week. He turned the trip to the West Coast into a mini-vacation for his family. During Schrager's time in the Bay Area, he could not help but get pumped up by the excitement surrounding the 49ers. His enthusiasm only grew during the State of the Franchise event when he was thrown out in front of over 1,000 passionate members of the Niner Faithful.

Schrager knows the 49ers are trying to build something special. The team is not merely focused on signing the top available talent and hoping the personalities mesh well. The focus is on signing players who they know will mesh well but also have talent.

Over the weekend, one big personality, former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant, expressed an interest in joining the 49ers. Schrager joined the 49ers Insider Podcast with NBC Sports Bay Area reporter Matt Maiocco and discussed Bryant. Maiocco asked Schrager if Bryant has value to a team like the 49ers.

"Sure," Schrager responded. "He can play. He's 29 years old. He's going to be one of the better red-zone targets wherever he ends up, but at what cost? I always say this: Richard Sherman didn't just sign to the 49ers for no money and do it as volunteer work. Richard Sherman is being paid a lot of money, and he's being paid a lot of money to perform.

"Now, the Niners have 11 wide receivers on their depth chart, and you're mentioning guys like Kendrick Bourne and Trent Taylor, and I'm not sure those guys are going to end up being No. 1 or 2 guys, but they all have a very good shot at making the team.

"You put a Dez Bryant in there, and you pay him more than (Pierre) Garçon ... then suddenly, there is an expectation for him to be given a workload. It's not just him stepping in and saying, 'Ok, I'll take scraps, or I'll compete for the fourth or fifth receiver spot.'

"You talk about team chemistry. You talk about what they are building. You talk about the direction and the way they're going. I feel like the Niners are pretty set right now. I know Dez Bryant could instantly be the No. 1 wide receiver in the room, but I also think they like what they've got on offense, and they're building toward something. I don't necessarily think they need to break their backs to sign him for a ton of money."

Schrager believes head coach Kyle Shanahan would be open to signing someone like Bryant if the situation were right. Meaning, if Bryant wanted to play for a reasonable contract and wanted to earn his spot on the team, the 49ers might consider bringing him aboard.

"[Kyle Shanahan] has had some big personalities before," Schrager said. "But I also think the 49ers felt pretty good about their offense and the additions they made."

The 49ers have worked hard to bring in personalities that have contributed to one of the best locker rooms in the NFL. Free agent acquisitions like cornerback Richard Sherman and running back Jerick McKinnon have been lauded for their team-first mentality. The 49ers also have veterans like tackle Joe Staley and kicker Robbie Gould, who are also excellent examples of the types of players the team wants in the locker room.

"I'm not saying Dez Bryant is not a good dude," Schrager continued. "I know a lot of people on the Cowboys who loved Dez Bryant. I think Jerry Jones loves Dez Bryant. But Dez Bryant is a huge personality, and it might mix with the mojo that they've got going already."

You can listen to the entire interview with Schrager below.