San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Dante Pettis was among the 40 NFL rookies who took part in the NFLPA Rookie Premiere from May 17-20 in the Los Angeles area. The event gives the NFL's incoming class an opportunity to make contacts for marketing deals, and it is the fans' first opportunity to view some of the top rookies in their team uniforms for the first time.

The 49ers made Pettis, who played college football at Washington, the No. 44 overall selection in last month's draft. He was the top returner in college last year and had an FBS-record nine punts returned for touchdowns over his collegiate career. Pettis accumulated 116 receptions for 1,583 yards with 22 touchdowns over his final two seasons with the Huskies.

Below is a video from this year's NFLPA Rookie Premiere. Pettis can be seen at the nine- and 18-second mark.

The tweets below include photos of Pettis in his No. 18 49ers game-day jersey for the first time.

Pettis is at the far right of the second row from the top in the photo above.