San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch hopes having quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo coupled with head coach Kyle Shanahan is an incentive for free agents to head to the Bay Area. Even after signing Garoppolo to a five-year, $137.5 million deal, the 49ers should still be among the top three teams when it comes to salary cap space – another incentive for free agents.

"It's 75 degrees and sunny outside, we've got [Garoppolo], who wouldn't want to be here?" Lynch said last week. "We want to become that. We want to become a destination where everyone wants to be."

On Monday, the ESPN show "NFL Live" aired a segment called "Overreaction Monday" and discussed Lynch's statement.

"Overreaction," Dianna Russini called it. "I am about the green and the taxes in California; we're talking 13 percent. So let's just pretend you're on a $50 million deal. You're talking about $5 million difference if you were to sign in Texas let's say. I'm all about the money. I would prefer to have more of that in the bank than look at pretty sunsets."

Former NFL linebacker Tedy Bruschi and former wide receiver Andrew Hawkins don't believe Lynch's statement is an overreaction.

"We've got Dianna over there talking about nickles and dimes and all of that stuff," Bruschi said. "But this is about winning championships. I mean, they've got the next Tom Brady, right? Jimmy Garoppolo, he's over there, got his big contract. They've got all the momentum.

"I remember growing up in San Francisco when they were winning championships. People were running in the streets! I mean, they were stopping traffic! That's how much they love this team. That's how much that town loves this team.

"They've got so much good momentum with this quarterback now, Shanahan, and Lynch. Yes, they're doing all the right things, [Hawkins]. I think it's not an overreaction."

"I don't think it's an overreaction at all," Hawkins followed. "San Fran, great place to be. Kyle Shanahan, I played for him in Cleveland. Players love him. I have fans and friends on the Falcons that miss him. And then I have guys who are free agents this year who are talking about trying to get to San Francisco."

Patrick Tulini contributed to this article.