San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo was mic'd up during this past Sunday's 25-23 win over the Tennessee Titans. Audio and video of the quarterback aired during Tuesday night's episode of the Showtime series "Inside the NFL."

The game featured Garoppolo winning his fifth-straight start of his NFL career and his third-straight as a member of the 49ers. During the matchup, he completed 31 of his 43 attempts for 381 yards, a touchdown, and a passer rating of 106.8.

During what aired on "Inside the NFL," including the clip below, Garoppolo can be seen working things out with his receivers, including rookie Trent Taylor.

On Wednesday, Shanahan was asked about Garoppolo's game-day demeanor on the 49ers sideline and how it helps the quarterback to stay in the game mentally.

"He likes to talk a lot during the games to people and stuff but, to me, I just want people to be themselves," Shanahan said. "I think he likes to go and communicate with guys and talk to people. Some people like to just sit there and study the pictures and really focus on what they're going to do next. I like people to do whatever they think helps them more and I think Jimmy likes to go around talking to guys. I think it helps him stay in whatever mood he wants to be in throughout the game and I think it helps other players too.

"The worst thing you can do is demand certain things form guys if that's not really naturally who they are. If a guy doesn't like to do that and you sit there and say, 'Hey, I want you to go talk to people,' then it becomes awkward. Players realize that fast and they don't respect it. It's very natural for Jimmy, and I think that's why they listen to him and respect what he has to say."

Shanahan feels that, despite starting just five games over his career, Garoppolo has carried himself like a veteran. While he did not join the 49ers until after a on October 30, the quarterback has already asserted himself as a team leader.

"I think he's carried himself like a veteran so far," Shanahan said. "Everything I've seen has been great. He's played well in his games, and I think he's handled it real well."

Garoppolo has quickly built chemistry with his teammates, and it has resulted in increased productivity on the football field, especially when it comes to the win column.

"I think we have a very good locker room," Garoppolo told reporters on Wednesday. "I said this since the first day I got here. They're very open and accepting of me, coming in mid-season like that. It makes everything a lot easier for myself when you have guys around you who are all in just like you are."

Garoppolo and the 49ers' next challenge will be facing a tough Jacksonville Jaguars team at Levi's Stadium on Sunday.