A number of San Francisco 49ers players have referenced "Celek Time" in recent weeks. During this past Sunday's victory against the Houston Texans, tight end Garrett Celek had two catches for 67 yards, which tied his season-high in receiving yards, and a touchdown.

Following the game, wide receiver Marquise Goodwin failed to give a reasonable explanation on the meaning behind "Celek Time." On Wednesday, head coach Kyle Shanahan was asked about the term.

"I heard Marquise try to explain it," Shanahan said while laughing. "He didn't do a very good job. We just joke around. It started with the Giants game (the other 67-yard performance by Celek this season) when he made a big catch. I think he false started or someone, but it sent us back. Then he ended up making three plays in a row, a critical play to get us into like a third-and-two and then he moved the chains for us.

"And then that next play, he had that pass versus the Giants where he caught like a 20-yard pass and made a guy miss and took it to the house. We just started joking there that they didn't realize that it was 'Celek Time' and it kind of stuck.

"We thought it was a one-time deal but it came up again last week so now we're getting used to it and guys enjoy it."

Below is the touchdown play against the New York Giants, to which Shanahan referred.

Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo also discussed "Celek Time."

"It's exciting," Garoppolo said. "The guys love it. He's one of the fan favorites in the locker room, you could say. It's just one of those things that gets everyone going."

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Another thing that gets everyone going is the journey from the locker room to the football field with Shanahan's administrative assistant, Nick Kray, carrying out a massive boombox. The music follows as players march through the tunnel. You can see it in the video below provided by Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area.

Shanahan was asked about team's the recent ritual.

"I was told the players asked for it," Shanahan said. "They said it was a little too dull when they left. We have music in our locker room and there was a time when they left the locker room and they had to go on a little bit of a walk and sometimes they would sit in the tunnel before they had to go out and they lose their energy because they didn't have good music going. We got them music."

Garoppolo is excited about his first start in front of the Levi's Stadium home crowd. One thing he learned to do is to refer to the 49ers fanbase correctly.

"It will be fun," Garoppolo said. "Our home fans, The Faithful, I found out. I got some heat for that for saying '49ers Nation.' But The Faithful, they're an awesome fanbase so it will be fun to get in front of them this Sunday."

How did Garoppolo learn that he misspoke when referring to the 49ers fanbase following this past Sunday's game in Houston?

"My friend sent me a couple of tweet reactions," Garoppolo said while smiling. "They didn't get on me. It was in a good way. I don't know who they were specifically. My friends, in a group text, all texted me and were like, 'Man, you've got to get this right, man. Come on, these are your fans now.' It was just a little funny thing."

If Garoppolo keeps playing like he has been, fulfills the fans' expectations, and wins a few Super Bowls, he can probably call the Niner Faithful whatever he likes.

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