San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo finished Sunday's 15-14 victory over the Chicago Bears completing 26 of his 37 pass attempts for 293 yards and an interception. It was just his third career NFL start and a performance that rejuvenated a fanbase that has become accustomed to loss after loss.

The 2017 season has been a tough one for 49ers coaches, players, and fans. But head coach Kyle Shanahan feels the year has been a necessary hurdle for the team's rebuild. Thanks to the trade to acquire Garoppolo, San Francisco now has a franchise quarterback who it can build around.

"I think it was some excitement that we needed," Shanahan told reporters on Monday. "I think we've gone through a long year. I think it's been a necessary year. I think there was a lot of good that has come from this year, even though your record doesn't totally show it. I'm looking forward to seeing that throughout the next couple years. But, I also think as you get to the end here, it's nice getting a guy in there that can lead us into next year and for guys to get to know him, get to see him. I think it will make guys a lot more excited coming back in the offseason."

Shanahan had a chance to review the film of his quarterback's impressive performance against Chicago.

"It was fun to watch, first time on the plane, a couple of times today," Shanahan said. "I think seeing him out there live, you could tell he made some impressive throws. There's definitely situations that he got a little confused in and still was able to make plays, which the more he plays, the more he's around us, knowing the scheme and reps, he'll have less of those.

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"But I think it was still very impressive, (considering) the situation he was in, for him to still be able to keep his poise and still be able to make some plays when things weren't perfect."

A big part of Garoppolo's success on Sunday was his protection. He was under pressure on just nine of his 40 drop-backs, according to Pro Football Focus.

"I think Jimmy played well," Shanahan said. "I also think the receivers did a good job and the O-Line did, and our backs protected well, too."

Shanahan was asked about a report by Jim Trotter of ESPN that wide receiver Marquise Goodwin gave up his front-row seat to Garoppolo as he boarded the team bus after the victory.

"It was nice of him, smart," Shanahan said jokingly. "Receivers should do whatever they can to get quarterbacks to like them."

Now, the 49ers' focus will shift to preparing for the Houston Texans. The two teams play each other at NRG Stadium on December 10. Of course, in case there was any doubt, Shanahan confirmed that Garoppolo would make his second-straight start.

"Jimmy will know this game plan going into Sunday just like he knew yesterday," Shanahan said. "The more he keeps doing it, which he's going to do it here for five weeks in a row, I think he'll absorb more, and he'll be able to be more decisive and just mindful when he's in that pocket how far he has to go and make the plays he does."