Former NFL scout, Bay Area radio host, and contributor to NBC Sports Bay Area and The Athletic, John Middlekauff, offered up his analysis of new San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo on Friday.

The plays within the analysis all come from Garoppolo's two career starts. Due to the four-game suspension of quarterback Tom Brady, Garoppolo started two games for the New England Patriots to kick off the 2016 season. He completed 24 of 33 passes for 264 yards and a touchdown in New England's 23-21 Week 1 victory over the Arizona Cardinals.

Garoppolo was supposed to start all four games but was sidelined with a sprained AC joint during the second quarter of the Week 2 contest against the Miami Dolphins. Garoppolo had three first-half touchdowns before leaving the game.

Within the analysis, Middlekauff notes Garoppolo's ability to quickly go through progressions, arm strength, pocket awareness, athleticism, accuracy while on the move, and more. You can watch the analysis below or here on Twitter.