With the hype surrounding the San Francisco 49ers' 2017 draft class, some have lost sight of one of the team's top free agent acquisitions this offseason – reliable wide receiver Pierre Garçon. The new 49ers receiver joined NFL Network's "Up to the Minute" on Friday to discuss his new team and what it has been like so far.

Garçon was asked to share his thoughts on the 49ers following a draft for which general manager John Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan received high praise from analysts and the media.

"I'm excited about it," Garçon said. "Excited about joining the team. Excited to move forward, to look forward to the new season coming up. And excited about the draft class that we brought in – that we have a lot of weapons that can help us, instantly. Especially with the defense that we're building and with the receivers and the running backs that we brought in."

Garçon was asked how he feels about a quarterback room that will now include Brian Hoyer, Matt Barkley, and rookie C.J. Beathard.

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"I'm very happy with them," Garçon said. "Brian is experienced in Kyle Shanahan's offense so that makes us, as receivers and tight ends and running backs, comfortable with having him back there. He knows Kyle Shanahan. He knows the system so it's not something new to him where he's learning from ground zero. It's moving forward and keep advancing in the offense."

Garçon was asked how he feels going into OTAs on a team that everyone knows is at the beginning of a rebuilding process.

"I think the guys know that they have a lot to prove," Garçon said. "I have a lot to prove. The guys, you know, the quarterback -- every player on that roster has a lot to prove because Kyle Shanahan coming in there, they want guys to compete, they want guys to make plays, play well, and do things because they're not afraid to release anybody because they've cleared house. We all saw that when we got to the building. They're releasing guys and they're looking for players to make plays and do what they're asking. I think guys are competing and making sure they bring their best foot forward to OTAs and to every day in the building in the offseason and during the season."

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