The 2017 NFL Draft is one day away and everyone is still guessing what the San Francisco 49ers will do at the number two spot on Thursday night. Will they go defense? Will they go offense? Will they shock everyone and select a quarterback with the highly coveted selection?

Brian Hoyer is one of two quarterbacks currently signed by the 49ers. The other is Matt Barkley. With just two signal callers on the roster and neither being viewed by the media or the fanbase as long-term solutions, the position certainly is an area of need. On Wednesday, Hoyer joined the "Murph & Mac" show on KNBR to discuss – among other things – the possibility of the 49ers selecting a quarterback of the future with that top selection.

Until he is told otherwise, Hoyer said that he is acting like he is the starting quarterback going into the 2017 season. "I think that's what I was brought in to do at this point and the thing that I have learned at this profession and really in life is not (to) worry about things that you can't control," Hoyer said. "So I can't control who they draft with the second pick tomorrow and I'm not going to live my life worrying about it. I'm going to go out there and do what I think my job is at this point and I'm going to do that as long as I can until they tell me it's not my job."

Hoyer was also asked about Kyle Shanahan's offense and how he would describe it. "He's one of the few coaches that I've been with that really studies the defense you're going against and knows how to attack that defense," Hoyer said. "Everything is set up to look the same and we want to keep a defense guessing. I think he's better than anyone in the league at doing those things."

"The year we were in Cleveland, we were a top 10 offense and the years he was in Washington was the same thing," Hoyer continued. The success is proven over years. Different places, different quarterbacks, different players and I think he knows how to get the most out of different players. That's why he's been so successful and that's why I was really excited to get a chance to play with him again because the last time I played with him, it didn't really finish the way either of us would have liked.

"Getting a second opportunity to work with him is something that I didn't want to pass it up especially after seeing his success in two years in Atlanta and now getting a fresh start out here in San Francisco."

You can listen to the entire interview on KNBR.

On Monday, a report by Ian Rapoport of NFL Network emerged stating that the 49ers were giving serious consideration to drafting a quarterback with the second overall selection. More specifically, Rapoport identified Mitchell Trubisky of North Carolina as the potential target.

Of course, any rumor could be a smokescreen – as is common at this point heading into the draft. 49ers general manager John Lynch is not showing any of his cards. He has not shot down the possibility of drafting a quarterback with the second overall selection nor has he confirmed the need to draft a quarterback at all in the draft.

"Nothing is leaking from the building," Steve Wyche of NFL Network said on Monday. "At the same time, he said that they could draft a quarterback at number two and then he went on to say that they don't necessarily need to draft a quarterback whatsoever and followed it up by saying him and Kyle Shanahan believe that you need to have a franchise quarterback to be successful in the NFL."

We've also heard that Shanahan truly believes that he can win football games with Hoyer and Barkley, which would lessen the need to rush to bring in a quarterback of the future. Yesterday, Pro Football Focus pointed out that, from Weeks 2 through 5, Hoyer was graded among the top five quarterbacks in the league. Even more surprising was the fact that Barkley was also graded among the top four quarterbacks in the league from Weeks 12 through 15.

The 2017 NFL Draft kicks off on Thursday from Philadelphia.

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