The San Francisco 49ers have a new head coach and a new general manager in Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch, respectively. On Thursday, both were formally introduced to the media via a press conference. We've been hearing what 49ers players think of their new leaders and wide receiver Torrey Smith joined KNBR on Thursday to voice his opinion as well.

Smith, like most of the media that covered the event, thought that both Shanahan and Lynch did a great job during the press conference. "The best thing, from a player's perspective, is that it seemed believable and that's important," Smith said.

The 49ers receiver was asked what he would have asked the pair if he had been able to. Smith jokingly responded, "We won two games. Are you going to cut me? Yes or no."

Smith joined the 49ers as a free agent in 2015, the season that saw Jim Tomsula as the head coach. 2017 will be Smith's third system in as many years and his production has steadily dropped since his time in Baltimore. During his four seasons with the Ravens, which included a Super Bowl XLVII victory over the 49ers, Smith had averaged over 53 catches per season and averaged nearly 898 receiving yards. During his two seasons with the 49ers, those averages dropped to under 27 catches per season and 465 receiving yards.

Smith is excited about a fresh start, playing in Shanahan's offense. "Especially when you play the way I play," Smith said. "Big play guy. I'm able to turn little things into big plays and stretch the field. That's one thing that we'll do, especially coming off a year like this where I didn't even get one chance at doing what I do best so I'm excited about playing in this offense where I know he'll dial it up."

Was Smith a good fit for former 49ers head coach Chip Kelly's offense? "Chip's offense, we definitely had [deep plays] called," Smith said. "We just didn't execute or take our chances. They were definitely there. There were plenty of opportunities to hit on it but we didn't, which is why I'm all depressed about it. But we'll get it together. Chip's offense is very balanced. I mean, I played in, basically, every offense you can play in, in football and I've had success in every offense. All of my catches haven't been deep balls. I'm just very good at that. I can run every route. I can make every play. I definitely play better when I'm more involved and I'm able to get into rhythm."

Smith feels that, as a player, San Francisco should be a place you are excited to play. The team has great facilities, great opportunities, and, unlike the East Coast, the location has great weather. "I believe we can win here," Smith said. "If I didn't have that belief, then maybe I'd be thinking differently. But maybe I probably wouldn't even tell you all that anyways. That's just being completely honest. I believe we can win here and I want to be a part of it."

You can listen to the entire interview on KNBR.