San Francisco 49ers play-by-play announcer Ted Robinson joined the "Murph & Mac" show on KNBR 680 this morning to discuss the team following the firings of their general manager and head coach. One topic that came up was the pregame show on Sunday where Robinson spoke to Joe Staley. The 49ers offensive tackle said that the locker room needs to change.

"[Staley] basically said, 'Yeah, this was a situation where there needs to be more leadership in the locker room,'" Robinson said. "He said, 'Including myself. I need to be more of this. We need more guys, more players that are 100-percent football. That are all in in football and that don't have other things happening.'

"And the third point of this was basically entitlement. And I'm going to use the one word as an umbrella here. Entitlement. We had players that came in here thinking that just because you were drafted somewhere or played somewhere, you are owed this or deserve this and it just doesn't work that way."

"It was very comfortable this year and that's a bad thing when you're 2-14," Robinson continued.

While the team does not even know who will be making roster decisions yet, Robinson went on to try and start a campaign for the 49ers to bring back running back Frank Gore. "If I had a 2017 wish list, the first thing that I would hope would happen as a player for the 49ers, I want Frank Gore back here in 2017," Robinson said. "I want him back. I want him finishing his career here where it should happen. His presence, his leadership would be so immense in that locker room to run alongside Carlos Hyde, because guess what? The guy still has something. He just ran for 1,000. He had 200 and some -- 260 carries I believe? Some insane number of carries at that age.

"I just think Frank Gore back in every way, as a statement to the fans, as a presence in that locker room, and a guy that can still play some football, someone Tom Rathman, the running backs coach, still revere. They have a great relationship. To me, I'm doing what I can to bring Frank Gore back to the 49ers."

You can listen to the entire 24-minute interview on KNBR 680.

Frank Gore had 263 carries for 1,025 yards with the Indianapolis Colts this season, his second with the team. He had the 7th most carries by a running back this season and was one of the 12 running backs in 2016 to rush for over 1,000 yards. This past season marked the ninth time that Gore has rushed for over 1,000 yards in his 12-year NFL career and became the first Colt to eclipse 1,000 rushing yards in a season since Joseph Addai in 2007.

While Gore has another year left on the three-year, $12 million contract that he signed with Indianapolis in 2015, he will be 34 years old in May so you never know what might occur.