As the NFL Championship games are set, 49ers fans are still uneasy about missing their fourth straight NFC Championship Game. While this offseason has certainly not been quiet for the 49ers, fans should take this time to reflect on some of the great all-time 49ers players, way before the Harbaugh era and Levi's Stadium, and how they laid the foundation for the glory days of Niners football.

While reminiscing on those years will undoubtedly leave nostalgic memories in fans' minds, luckily there exist opportunities to not only meet these living legends, but partake in unforgettable and unique experiences with them. IfOnly, a company that provides rare experiences benefiting worthy causes, has some incredible offerings on their site with many 49ers greats, including Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott, and Frank Gore.

If you're looking to experience what it takes to physically be a Hall of Fame football player, you could train and try to keep up with Jerry Rice as he tackles his infamous workout at "The Hill," in Edgewood Park. Or perhaps you are an aspiring quarterback looking to receive tips from the best to play the position. Well, you can do just that with a private quarterback camp with Joe Montana. In this dream camp for fans, Joe will work with you to hone your quarterback skills in the film room and on the field, providing tips and tricks that made him a Hall of Famer.

Frank Gore is the only current 49er to be featured on IfOnly. His experiences are the most diverse of any Niner, ranging from joining attending another Bay Area professional sporting event, inviting him to your child's bar mitzvah, or simply an intimate private dinner with the running back and five of your friends.

While these are some of the highlighted experiences on IfOnly, you can also browse some amazing hand-signed and personalized memorabilia in the dedicated IfOnly 49ers shop, mostly provided by legendary 49ers safety Ronnie Lott. Personalized memorabilia items provided by Lott, benefiting charity All Stars Helping Kids, include a hand-signed jersey, full-size helmet, and football. These items along with other 49ers signed and personalized photographs, including Gore and Rice, would be excellent additions to any fan's man cave. You can also request personalized video and audio messages from Lott and Rice.

The 49ers greats are not the only team from the Bay Area that is featured on IfOnly, as their cross-bay rivals Oakland Raiders have multiple luminaries as well.