Fans had one more chance to say their final goodbyes to Candlestick Park Sunday.The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department held the Candlestick Farewell Community Day for the public.It was the last free admission event before its final closure. There were carnival rides, food trucks, and stadium tours.Fans said it was a fun way to spend time with the family."This is awesome to be here because it's going to be no longer, so it's really awesome for our children to experience this day if they haven't before," 49ers fan Vanessa Banks said."Today is a day to let every kid to have one last memory on the field," said Phil Ginsburg, who is the General Manager of the San Francisco Recreation and Park Dept.Fans also had the chance to take photos on the field with Lou Seal and Sourdough Sam, and they also could get autographs from former 49ers and San Francisco Giants players.The final event at Candlestick Park is a concert by Sir Paul McCartney on Aug 14.