Food, drinks and snacks at the new Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara won't come cheap, according to prices released by the San Francisco 49ers.For example, a bag of M&M's and one bottled water will cost fans nearly $12. But even with the high prices, Niner Faithfuls said they will gladly open up their wallets."You know what, it's the 49ers," said Max Devries, a fan from Livermore. "We're not in Disneyland anymore. I like it. I'm OK with it."Devries and other season ticket holders lined up at noon Friday to get a first look at their seats and the food at Levi's Stadium. Many fans viewed the food prices through a new mobile app the 49ers also released on Friday.The rise in food prices coincide with the rise in ticket prices for the football games.Here's a breakdown of prices at gourmet concessions at Levi's Stadium: - Beer: $10.25 for 20-ounce domestic and $11 for 18-ounce "premium" - "Frankfurter": $6.25 - Sausage or bratwurst: $8.25 - Soda: $5.25 for 21 ounces, 49ers souvenir soda cup: $7.50 - Pizza: $8 per slice - Garlic fries: $8.50 - Nachos: $6 - Bag of candy: $6 - Water: $5.75 for a 20-ounce bottle - Wine: $12 for a 7-ounce pour - Tortas, barbecue sandwich or burger: $12