No tickets for 49ers fans from the Seattle Seahawks organization.And no billboards, either.The two miles around CenturyLink Field near the downtown Seattle waterfront has been declared a "49er-free zone," according to the Seattle Times. 49ers Fan Photos"Only pro-Hawks billboards will be allowed" within that radius of the "12th Man's" home base, the newspaper reported.The closest a pro-49ers billboard has gotten to the Seahawks' home turf is a digital billboard on Interstate 5, 30 miles south of Seattle.And that billboard appears to have suffered a "mysterious" electronic malfunction, according to reports. Seattle: Why so serious? 49ers Say They're Primed for a Win in SeattleThere appears to be nothing but bad blood between the 49ers and their NFC West rivals to the north, from a feud between head coaches on down to a very real dislike between fans.So: what's your deal?Kickoff is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. Sunday. As if you needed a reminder.Photo Credit: Heather Roberts via YouTube