Bay Area high school football players are tuned in to the suspected DUI arrest of San Francisco 49er Aldon Smith.The 49ers said they expect the All-Pro linebacker to play Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts at Candlestick Park, and it's up to the NFL to decide if he will be punished.Parents at the Mission High School vs. Archbishop Riordon game in San Francisco have mixed feelings about what should happen to Smith.Wilfred Hamilton is a 49ers fan, and said he wants to see Smith on the field come game day."I was disappointed but he's one of our star players," Hamilton said.But Hamilton added that if Smith is convicted the NFL needs to send a stern message high school players can learn from."There should be punishment," he said. "These kids see it and know if I do that, this is what's gonna happen to me."Players aren't sure what, if any punishment should be handed down.Shane Smith, however, has some advice for the NFL star."Try to do it in the off season," he said. "If you're gonna party, think of the team."Photo Credit: Getty Images