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Wrestling Thread (WWE, Impact, etc)

Evaluation night


the Wyatts.
I didn't understand some of the words coming out of Mark Henry's mouth
I want a mark henry shirt
now trending on twitter drinking game laaaarrrrpaaaaaaaidfohpshv

Isn't this like the 5th time she's been fired

Really hoped the Wyatt family came through or Brock
Bye Vicki


VKM is pissed!!!
Brad Maddox GM

Vicki is nuts
Originally posted by jrg:
Vicki is nuts

You need to get that pic of Brad Maddox after being named GM of RAW. It's priceless!!! Make the caption funny as hell
The Wyatt's first feud is..........


I see them going after UT.

Continuing to waste Orton
The Rocks ' cousin, Roman Reigns nearly botched that samoan drop on Clay. He pulled it off tho. His leg was shaking like a mofo.
I didn't really care for the wyatts debut, didn't really make an impact on me,

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