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Wrestling Thread (WWE, Impact, etc)

You just don't tell the most electrifying man in all of entertainment to move on. He will whoop your candy a**. Lol ;)

It would be an ideal heel turn if orton does something nasty to the underdog, bryan.
Bryan vs. Orton is lame
Originally posted by jrg:
Bryan vs. Orton is lame

i wish they would feud in the nxt three ppv's instead of three raws/smackdowns....

But that AJ sketch.........lmao.
WWE 2K14 reveal next
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Did punk come out yet
Originally posted by BMoore56:
Did punk come out yet

nah blood.

lol at the crowd booing vicky mercifully
oh look, the guy who isn't in the wwe anymore is on the cover of the game.....
f**k ryback is strong
Originally posted by jrg:
f**k ryback is strong

We all knew that. I think on smackdown, he was at least 20 reps with 225lbs on the bench press until Mark Henry interfered with him.

those tons of funk cheerleaders should do pron. Jus saying.
Wasnt it announced months ago that The Rock was gonna be on the cover? Pretty cool looking though.
lol, the guy in the background during the punk and heyman promo lifted up his shirt and pinched his own nipple. As we speak, he's cracking up in the background.
why don't they just blow each other already
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