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Wrestling Thread (WWE, Impact, etc)

So 3 more. Ryback, Carlito, and Benjamin?
Jericho vs Rock at WM would be freakin awesome!
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I hope Jericho is sticking around a bit.

Cena's gonna win.
Yay no Randy Boreton.
Wow... not Ziggler. Really thought it was going to be him.
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god Vince. you really have a type dont you.
kidding me right, Ryback or Cena, come on WWE.
f**k you wwe and vince
Ah s**t
Holy s**t Cena! lmao
Cena winning was so obvious. Great, Cena/Rock Part 2, or aka, Boreathon.
Rock vs Cena 2.
better cena than ryback
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