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2014 Oakland Athletics Thread

Originally posted by IT21:
Originally posted by socalfan21:
Hector Santiago is such garbage. I saw him play plenty here in Chicago. He sucks.

we'll get to him
im not worried

and if we dont, we'll beat their s**tty bullpen
beleed dat


Billy knows how to build a damn real team. Pitching wins games
Frieri is such a f**king piece of s**t man. That was our game. Damn bull pen
Originally posted by marshniners24:
Frieri is such a f**king piece of s**t man. That was our game. Damn bull pen

We'll trade you Jim Johnson for Frieri straight up!
Billy Beane is the man

Rangers and Angels can sign all the 100 million dollar hitters they want. But our GM is smarter and adds quality pitching with amazing depth to beat their hitting. That's why we've won the division the last 2 years

Can never appreciate Beane enough. How competitive we are when you look at our payroll compared to everyone in our division is pretty amazing.

Oh ya and f**k lew Wolff
The Swingin' A's, they made Santiago look like a Cy Young candidate, lowered his ERA from like 8.00 to under 5.00...and then Jaso pinch hits and blasts a 2-run dong.

Chavez with another gem....85 WHIP and a 1.35 ERA, he should be 3-0 but because the A's can't give him runs he's got 3 N/D's. And I guess the ironic part is Jim Johnson gets the win.

And not that there's many people who would doubt the strength of Cespedes, but if there are any, they need to look at that swing he took on his deep flyout in the 9th...the dude had one hand off the bat to call time, ump didn't grant it, so the pitch is already on the way to the plate at 95+, and he STILL gets his hand back on the bat and damn near hit it out. That was impressive.

And this just in: Daric Barton SUCKS. He's hitting .080...that is Point. ZERO. Eight. Zero. And he made another error. Brandon Moss should be the EVERYDAY 1B and that's all there is to it. Beane is a witch who works wonders, but he's just dead wrong on Barton, and it's a shame that Fuld was let go when it should have been Barton, or even Reddick who has options, send him down to Sacto to find his stroke.
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lol Angels bullpen blows it again

I'm loving it
Mike trout tho
Wow this game is a real tear-up
Jim Johnson vs Pujols...............
Phewwwwwwwwww...that was a close one.
Jim Johnson with another clutch save

Great game today
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Originally posted by JerryRice1848:
Jim Johnson with another clutch save

I think he'll be our closer again soon
He looks good now

Originally posted by marshniners24:
Mike trout tho

Dudes amazing, he almost won you guys the game by himself today
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