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2014 Oakland Athletics Thread

Dare I say we can make it 3 consecutive AL West championships??
We need more production from Cespy and Reddick this season, along with a steady bat from JD and whoever is catching.


Bullpen = DEEP

I think that we have enough to hold off Anaheim and Texas (f**k Seattle)...and win the West again.
Honestly, I have such low expectations for Kazmir. I hope his body doesn't break down midseason.
It'll be the same old ish if our bats go to sleep at the wrong times.....again

Fuk detroit
God I'm so ready for the season!
Looks like Parker may be the opening day starter. Not upset about that at all.
Let's Go Oak-Land.

This deserves to be in the thread: video of Reddick robbing Morse - twice!
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dude is definitely a closet homo
Any A's fans going to spring training? I'll be in Phoenix Sunday march 16 til the end of the week.
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