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Official 2013-14 Los Angeles Lakers Thread

I can't believe this thread hasn't been created yet with only 2 days until our opener vs the Clips!

I'm actually pretty excited about this season. Gary Vitti made a comment today that this team has the best chemistry that he's seen in 30 years, and they FINALLY have some athleticism on the roster. My new Laker buddy said that the organization things that Kobe would be back by Thanksgiving at the earliest, Christmas at the latest.

Speaking of, I'm raffing off a signed Kobe jersey for my basketball team if you dudes are interested. $20 per ticket.
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Melo will sign with Lakers next summer.

Yup. Season tip off is just around the corner fellaz. Can't wait. We got a glimpse of what the young kids can do. This won't be so bad after all.

Let's Go Lakers!!!!!
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If this doesn't get you fired up I don't know what will.

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Kobe to the Jazz 2014.
I'm excited for this season, but it should be VERY interesting to see what this team can do. Especially without Kobe to start. Tip off is tomorrow against the clips. Crossing our fingers.
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Ramona Shelburne may be 2/3 to a retard....
Golden State

first week of the season with 3 of 4 at home
Prediction on Laker record this year? I will go with 38-44. Not as bad as many predict but not good enough to be a real playoff contender.
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