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The Official Phoenix Suns 2013-2014 "Race To The Playoffs? Thread.

Together Dragic and Jeff Hornacek are unstoppable!

Putting a spanking on the Spurs right now, despite wearing our summer camp pajamas.

Lulz@ Dragic with the flying kick to Manu's groin
That Morris to Morris dunk was nasty!
Spurs got absolutely worked tonight.
Jeff Hornacek for Coach of the Year!

Furious 2nd quarter comeback by the Suns to get back into the is game. Goran Dragic playing LIGHTS OUT
Suns are punching Houston in the face right now, Gerald Green is blowing up.
Well, can't win 'em all. The refs missing Howard's blatant lane violation is incredulous. We just went cold in the 4th. Oh well, on to the next!
The snub awakened a sleeping Dragon.
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The suns have gone back to playing fun and gun. I'm not thrilled about the suns style of play but it's a breath of fresh air from last season.

Horny will have 'em playing better defense when it comes playoff time.
If the Suns aren't gonna tank then they might as well sweep OKC in the playoffs
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Watching Ish Smith play yesterday got me wondering who is/was faster...Barbosa (SSOL version) or Smith? Both are Blazing fast, but I'd give the edge to Barbosa.
I know the stats don't say much, but I'm really excited about Archie Goodwin's future. I think he's got all-star potential.

What do we do with Eric Bledsoe? Or Dragic? I just don't know that it'd be a good idea to keep both long-term.
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Keep Dragic.....he's proving that he can carry a team, and I don't know if you can say the same about Bledsoe.
I'd sign and trade Bledsoe.
I'd like see more playing time for Archie Goodwin and Alex Len...both are a little bit raw to tell if they are going to be players in this league.imo
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