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2013-2014 NCAA Mens B-Ball thread

Originally posted by SunDevilNiner79:
Originally posted by SunDevilNiner79:
You guys are forgetting about the next greatest player of all time, PG Jahii Carson!!!!

Houston better draft him.

I watched the ASU-UNLV game, good win by ASU on the road. I think ASU has a tourney team/bubble team. Probably lose in 1st or 2nd round though...

Jahii Carson is really really good, might be PAC-12 player of the year. Teams have trouble keeping up with him as the game goes

I'll be at the ASU-DePaul game on Friday. It should be pretty good. I'll have to check out this Jahii Carson kid. We have a freshman stud ourselves in Billy Garrett Jr.
Michigan State
Freaking Tarheels man. Can beat the best teams in the country (Lousiville,Michigan State), but can lose to some pretty bad ones like UAB. If they weren't so inconsistent we'd be talking about them being best in the country! Things get better once we get PJ Hairston and Leslie Mcdonald back!

On my di

Uh on my back

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Utah 10-1 vs Oregon 11-0 on Thursday

So nice to have a relevant bball team again, even though the schedule has been pretty easy thus far. See what were made of on Thursday.

Go Utes!!!
Originally posted by valrod33:
These New Hand Check Rules Are f**kin Stupid. Every damn play is a foul. Trying to turn this s**t to the NBA.

Agree seen a lot of games decided by the foul line since these rules came in

Rock Chalk!
Amazing finish in the Arkansas-Kentucky game. Loved it.
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Utes down UCLA!14-4(3-3).
Golden Bears 5-0 in Pac12

Unbelievable finish last night
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