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2013-14 General NBA Discussion Thread

Originally posted by jrg:
Joakim Noah Doesn't Like MVP Chants, Says Derrick Rose Is Chicago Bulls MVP


By the start of next season, Rose will have appeared in 50 games - plays offs included - over the last three campaigns.

Wow, crazy just seeing how much time Rose has missed. I hope he can stay healthy when he returns. Poor guy ...
Warriors played the best quarter of ball I'd seen all year last night against Phoenix.
Originally posted by NeonNiner:
@ESPNNBA: Anthony Davis is the youngest player with a 30p-15r-5b game since Shaquille O'Neal on Feb. 16, 1993 -- 23 days before Davis was born.

This kid is the TRUTH!

andre drummond is 5 months younger than him, i could see him doing it aswell.
Ryan "Machine Gun" Kelly taking Kevin Durant to school

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Adrian Wojnarowski ‏@WojYahooNBA

As I reported in column, still no assurance an agreement will be reached. No one in Jackson's world thinks deal is "close," that's for sure.
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lol I love it
blake griffin punch flop?
The Bucks got blatantly out-tanked last night by the Magic:

I was THIS close to punching a hole thru my TV when ORL intentionally fouled when they hit that 3 pointer! That's a team that knows how to blatantly tank. Holy ****.
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I hope Knicks make the playoffs - just to see them get swept by the Pacers or Heat.

Westbrook vs. Beverley is . They're gonna fight before this game's over.
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Originally posted by LA9erFan:
Westbrook vs. Beverley is . They're gonna fight before this game's over.

I'm putting my money on Beverley.

This has become a ft shooting contest in late 1st q
Bulls deciding to tank far too late in the season, 32-point deficit to San Antonio in the 2nd quarter

@SportsCenter: Kevin Durant has his 11th 40-point game of the season.

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