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Best Sports Logos?

All sports...MLB/NFL/NBA/NHL/etc

#3 49ers

#1 Warriors




Don't know too many people that don't like this. Very clever with the M and B making up the glove.

I like the Orioles colors and logo as well. The oriole logo above not the one with the field in the back.

For the NBA I always liked the Magic and Bulls logos.

I like the Bills, Broncos, Texans and Bears (the bear not the C). Of course the 49ers because it's classic. I like most of the nfl logos.

Forgot the Oilers who are one of my favorites of all time.

Not a hockey fan at all and not too big on any of the logos. If I had to choose probably the Blackhawks.

My favorite since I was a kid for college is Texas. Love the Longhorn logo. Also, the Gators and the NC (the left one) as well. Part of the reason I like the NC one is the color, stands out from the rest of the colleges.

Side note: Once the new stadium is opened and everything settles down I wouldn't mind them putting out a new alternate uniform with that 49ers shield logo. Would be really cool to see.
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Something bothers me about that new Jaguars logo. I think its too detailed looking. But not detailed in an Vikings logo type of way, but like a Disney cartoon kind of way. It doesnt look like an NFL logo. Logos should be flat and sharp. The Jags logo looks like a still shot from a cartoon.
Also, the Tennessee Oilers didnt make any sense, but it was SO much better than the stupid Titans. The oil derrick logo was awesome. The flaming thumbtack Titans logo is terrible.

And not that there is anything wrong with the Texans logo, but Houston had a chance to bring the Oilers back, and voted for a dumb, generic name.

Great uniforms. Its a shame they dont exist anymore.

browns are the worst
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best logo in all of sports is easily the yankees.

Originally posted by Amir:
best logo in all of sports is easily the yankees.

after the Dodgers
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Originally posted by InconvenienTTruth21:
after the Dodgers

well duh. i thought that was already a given.
yankees logo if you look closely you see ymcghey spelled out

clearly it's this

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All NHL logos > any logo from any other sport