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The Official 2013-14 Golden State Warriors Thread

Iggy is class all the way.
Haha suck it Westbrook
Didn't Igloo hit another game winner this year
iggy tho
warriors are fun to watch
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Shouldn't have been that close.

I don't know why the kept going to D Lee at the end when he's throwing up bricks when Klay was obviously on point tonight
Originally posted by jrg:
warriors are fun to watch

Yes.. and they can give you heartburn too
Originally posted by jrg:
warriors are fun to watch

we've always been fun to watch. now we're winning
Wow wow wow.honestly i thought we lost.another Close one.then boom goes the dynamite

A couple notes on closing games:

1. Just run the offense. There was ZERO ball movement the last 6 minutes of the game. We were trying too hard to get Durant fouled out. Force fed Lee instead of letting things develop naturally.

2. I love the effort that our guys give on defense. But there are too many instances were 2 players sell out trying to contest a shot on a drive to the basket, leaving nobody there to clean up the boards. For example, Thompson has excellent defense on Westbrook and forces him to miss a driving layup. Bogut also goes for the block instead of positioning himself for the defensive rebound. Ibaka ends up getting the offensive rebound and an easy 2 points. This happens way too often and is a big reason why we gave up a lot of offensive boards.

3. We don't need to double team anyone. We have 2 excellent wing defenders in Iggy and Thompson, and a dominant rim protector in Bogut. Just play man-on-man defense, and don't allow 3 point shooters to spring open. Down the stretch, we starting doubling and our defense collapsed on the ball, leaving open 3 point shooters. That was the only way they could come back and we let them. I'd rather take my chances with Durant and Westbrook making contested 2 point shots instead.

Overall, a great win! Giving up a 14 point lead in just under 6 minutes can't happen, but it sure made for an epic finish!
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