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The Official 2013-14 Golden State Warriors Thread

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LOL Blake Griffin is such a p***y
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Wut dubs on. Tv.we got this
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Go dubs go
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Doc Rivers is a huge whiner lol
Such a flop by Paul
Originally posted by jimrat:
Doc Rivers is a huge whiner lol

This. Even when they score he's complaining about something. Too bad it's working. Clips are getting way more calls than us. We don't get the calls in the paint like they do.
This is embarrassing.
damn dudes.
lol Mullens. A 7'0" shooter who can't shoot.

really these refs are being dicks at this point

cant let doc rivers open 0-2
now a technical on draymond

just give them the game refs
Disappointed in the turnovers and we can't get a defensive rebound.
Curry is amazing. Game not over yet.
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Where can I watch online!!!
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