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Women's Golf

I occasionally watch Women"s pro golf (when nothing else is on) and I noticed a number of South Koreans on the Leader board. I researched a bit further and found S. Korean women have 4 in the top 10, 38 in the top 100, and 144 in the top 500. The population of the country is under 50 million. Can it be the the shoes? (from MJ commercial in the 80's). What could be the reason? HGH?
Paula would Cream 'er....

HGH? no, just really really strict parents.
About the only reason to watch woman's golf.................

Michelle could play with my wie
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I just like the things in their hair. SAF!!! Besides that women golf blows.
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Natalie can Gulb dis ball

Creamer = nutterface
Gulbis = rapidly turning into a butterface
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World's #1 Inbee Park

women's golf gives me blueballs foe sho

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