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[Football] How will Stanford's 2013 season finish?

[Football] How will Stanford's 2013 season finish?

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Originally posted by 5NorCalSavage2:
Stanford run game vs Oregon run defense

You're right very anal!!!
Rose Bowl victory........................ That is hopefully how this season will end now. ( Dont see much of a chance to make National Title game)
Bring it you mother f**king trees.
They will win rose bowl.
if there was a playoff system in place this season Stanford would win it all. Fact
Stanford made a long pass play downfield they looked just like a nice seam route from Kap to VD and then completed a very efficient TD drive against Michigan State like a knife through butter.
Hell yeah
War Stanford!!!

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stanfurd gonna stanfurd
They should hand the refs the trophy
Originally posted by 5NorCalSavage2:
They should hand the refs the trophy

Why, were they ones calling all the idiotic runs up the middle?

I do think the ineligible downfield on the botched FG was a bad call, but with the stellar run David Roman was on with his play calls , it would've been a longshot they get a TD on that drive anyway.
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