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2014 MLB All Star Game/Home Run Derby Thread

Stanton shut out. LOL Time to turn this off now
Worst final ever
They need to go back to 10 outs
They need to get rid of this,,,
Originally posted by Knowledge:
They need to get rid of this,,,

why? is is hurting you? let those that enjoy it continue to do so

I'm surprised nobody fell off the rafters.

Puig is so lame. No respect for the game whatsoever. I question his work ethic in the later rounds.Manny Ramirez 2.0
Cespedes was awesome tonight, great showing, happy to see him win a 2nd straight title. They really shouldn't let the Dodgers have anymore representation in this event, they seemingly always do lousy.
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Damn what a stop by Jeter to start the game
Jeter leadoff double
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