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2014 MLB All Star Game/Home Run Derby Thread

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I'll just bump this for this year instead of making a new thread.

Wainwright named NL starter
Hernandez named AL starter

lol Wainwright over Kershaw...

Mike Matheny's new nickname is "Hawk Harrelson".

Oh lord. PLEASE. Tell me why this was the wrong choice Mr. Sabermetrics.

Other than wins what has Wainwright done better than Kershaw in?

Im not seeing anything

It isnt always about the best stats. Wainwright has carried a team that has several players underperforming big time. Plus, his numbers are outstanding. Finally, a manager is always going to want to keep hiis own player happy. I have no issue with this at all and would have done the same exact thing. And.. everyone knows how much I love Kershaw.

Kershaw is a better pitcher obviously, but Wainwright is still great. I have no problem with wainwright over Kershaw for the start as Kershaw was hurt and has 5 less starts.

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ZZZZZZZZZZ. Does anyone watch the Derby anymore?
Bautista looking good so far
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ZZZZZZZZZZ. Does anyone watch the Derby anymore?

f**king horrible until Joey came out. Should have let bumgarner hit in this rain infested Canadian poophole
Bautista hitting bombs.

In a $ pool w/ a few friends and we each randomly get one NL and AL player. I got Todd Frazier and Brian Dozier

f**k you puig
Lol Puig

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them CF blasts

Come to the Cardinals Stanton
holy f**k
That was a couple rows from going out of the park
Originally posted by sincalfaithful:
That was a couple rows from going out of the park

That was disgusting
Good lord.....
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