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2015 Sacramento Kings -Offseason- Thread

Originally posted by marshniners24:
1 day bros. we've been waiting for this for so long. A new start with new owners and it's all came true.
I know it's the first season but we've already seen huge improvements from the team in the preseason.

I think the 8th seed is possible....LETS GO KINGS

I've been to a lot of Kings games (playoff games when they were good), and I'm most excited about this one. May sound silly to people that aren't Kings fans. I think you have to be a real fan and gone through all of the Maloof s**t to understand how good this game will feel. Truly the start of a new era.
it feels different around here. the town is painted purple
Not sure who this chick is but she says the new Arena will have a retractable roof.

Marin Austin ‏@marinaustin55m
Just got confirmation from the mayor: new DT arena would be "U-shaped" w/ retractable roof @KJ_MayorJohnson
The concept pics released today look dope.
Originally posted by sacniner:
The concept pics released today look dope.

Yeah. They are pretty much what we saw last week. Can't wait to see what the actual model looks like.
Ryan Lillis ‏@Ryan_Lillis2mGranger on arena design concepts Tweeted eariler: 'I don't think any of these are the winner here. We're showing this as a hypothesis.'
Ryan Lillis ‏@Ryan_Lillis4mFriedman: arena bowl will be sunken so main concourse level with K Street street-level. 'Creates relationship between inside & outside'

You know what's cray is I had a dream probably 20 years ago, and in that dream I went to a Kings game and it was not Arco, it was a Kings home game but definitely not Arco. It was partially underground just like being described here. Dejavu. I totally forgot about taht dream until reading that and it just flooded back to me.
Pretty cool pic from the top of Arco. Sorry, Sleep Train.

These dudes gotta win tomorrrow. With all the build up, hype and access of this first game, a loss would be really disappointing.
Ill probably always call it Arco Arena..
kings should be #1.
Originally posted by pdizo916:
kings will be #1.

Originally posted by btthepunk:
Originally posted by pdizo916:
kings will be #1.