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2015 Sacramento Kings -Offseason- Thread

We gots the lead at halftime! Awww yeaaahhh!
This is some wack ass halftime show.
That D looks strong against the leagues best offense from last year
Holy s**t I've never stressed this hard over a regular-season game lol
I love that D.

Do u gus miss Keith smart and Paul westphaulolol?
Cousins had 30 points, 14 boards and 2 blocks. Wow. Vasquez had 17 and 4 dishes. Good win!
great way to open up the season, glad to see cuz was able to keep his mouth shut in spite of some bad no calls
Man cuz was dominating down low last night. He is a very good shooter for a big man but he is even more talented down low and I saw him shoot only like 2 outside shots. It was awesome.
They couldn't guard him and the best part was that Malone knew that and kept running the ball through him on the block.
Crazy to see well coached good defense and good offense from a kings team....this is just the start too
^ Yeah it was great to see him down low. I saw some Mike Malone post game interview last night and he mentioned how he watched a ton of tape of Demarcus from the last few years and he basically said he noticed Demarcus mostly hanging out around the perimeter.. He needs to be on the block and make decisions from there.
Change the title to UNDEFEATED and 1st PLACE.
Black out game tonight! Lets do this...

Cousins was a beast last game. Damn... I know him and Blake don't get along so I hope he keeps his cool and dominates again.