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2013 Oakland A's thread

Originally posted by vaden:

OAK: 3 @MIN, 3 @TEX, 3 LAA, 4 MIN, 3 @LAA, 3 @SEA
TEX: 3 PIT, 3 OAK, 4 @TB, 3 @KC, 3 HOU, 4 LAA

Boston's schedule is brutal, so the 1 seed is still very attainable, but Detroit's remaining schedule is ridiculously easy.

1 seed is nice, but I'd be happy with "just" winning the division...want NO part of the stupid new wildcard format.
Wow. 7 of last 13 next year against Texas. I guess the league is disappointed they aren't playing as much at the end this year.

And NL East is not as good as the NL Central, so that should be an extra win or two. Helps that the 4th extra game is against the Mets.

And on paper, the hardest road trip is the June 3-11 with the first 6 games against the Yankees and Orioles. But even that finishes with the Angels. Really, nothing super terrible on the road at all.
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So, the AL Central and the AL East are either 6 or 7 game sets.

Indians, Rays, Blue Jays, Yankees, and Orioles are 6 games for 3/3 home/away splits.

Twins, Red Sox, White Sox, Tigers, Royals are the 7 games. The 4-game series at home are the Twins, Red Sox and Tigers, while the road 4-game series are the White Sox and Royals. I'd call that another win, even if the trade off is playing the extra game on the road against Texas (for the 4-game series against the division opponents three of them are on the road, with only the 4-game Seattle series at home).
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f**k you Willingham... Seriously.
Well that sucked.
Originally posted by socalfan21:
f**k you Willingham... Seriously.

J Willingham makes a living off of us. He was batting .203 this year with 10 HRs...then Bangs two out last night.

The dude has hit seven homers in just 37 career at-bats against us. Overall, he's 15 for 37 against the A's. Since Morneau is gone, I suggest we pitch around him in tight contests like last night's. Cook grooved one and everyone knew that JW was sitting fastball 2-0. Cespedes barely moved in LF...just watched it fly (K Korach reference)

At least the Pirates beat the Rangers and are leading them in the 7th again today.

If the Pirates hold on today and we can beat the Twins today and tomorrow we'd be 3.5 up, meaning at worst we'd leave Texas with a .5 game division lead.
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Hopefully a 12 run lead is enough to keep Willingham at bay.
Early game today...let's hope that we didn't shoot our wad for the rest of the week

Yeah, going for two on the second touchdown was probably bad karma.
Great to see the team hitting well again. Cespedes has raised his average to .243, Donaldson is almost at .300 again (.299), Barton is over .300 since returning and has also played excellent defense, and Coco is tearing it up along with Moss. Even Young is up to .201 for the first time in months.
Getting Hot at the right time...Let's go put Texas away!!
It would be awesome to leave Texas with a 6.5 game lead...
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Texas ice cold right now and has been extremely streaky this season, but their slump is due to end. Think we'll have to play great to win this series.
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