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2013 Oakland A's thread

In retrospect Melvin should have pulled Colon an inning earlier, but that's the game. Best 'em tomorrow.
An extra coat of paint and that would've been a walkoff...actually, it kinda seemed the ball slightly changed trajectory as it passed the foul pole, as if maybe it barely grazed it. But it's in the books now as an L, hopefully tonight's the night they start a hot streak.
If I'm Chris Young I'm selling all my stock now before it loses all its value...
Welp, I think this team is done. A month straight of bad fundamentals and bad luck. I dont think theyll make the postseason.
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Crash and burn commence
Originally posted by captveg:
Welp, I think this team is done. A month straight of bad fundamentals and and bad luck. I dont think theyll make the postseason.

Agreed. It was fun while it lasted.
How many effing times can this team possibly have a runner on 2nd with no outs and fail to even move him over the 3rd, let alone SCORE. They're going to get swept at home by the Astros and then totally gack this homestand. This will be the stretch of games where the Rangers pull away and never look back.
team sucks. pathetic.
We've been waiting for somebody in this lineup to get hot and stay Hot. If that somebody is Eric Sogard, you have serious issues at the plate. I love Chili Davis, but I can't understand why we're so horrible at situational hitting.
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we f**king suck
we're not gonna win anything without adding at least 1 more bat

Callaspo had two opportunities to lay the bunt down tonight. Double Fail
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Callaspo should have never been asked to bunt. Hes a contact hitter who has just won two games with late inning hits, and you have him bunt?! And the 2nd time you have him bunt when he nearly popped up the bunt for an out the last time?

Terrible decision.

The team is DONE. Theres zero coming back from this. Theyll end up with about 87-88 wins and 2-3 teams behind for the 2nd wild card.
Pressure is on Gray tomorrow to elude the sweep from the Lastros.
As TERRIBLE as this team has been, we're only two out with a month & a half to go. Seven hits in 11 innings (NERDPOWER had two of um)
The most disappointing thing isnt so much the losing but how joyless this last month has been. Even in games they win they look so stressed by it. Before then win or lose this team could be seen enjoying thier play. Its a huge part of why last year was so entertaining to watch.

Criterion better announce some great releases for November tomorrow to cheer me up....
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