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2013 Oakland A's thread

Makes up for the game in Milwaukee we had no business losing...
Originally posted by InconvenienTTruth21:
Originally posted by AllTimeGreat:
Can't believe the A's pulled this one out. Just an ugly game overall, all those bloop hits, Chris Young looking like Jack Cust trying to play CF, all those close plays at first base that went the Cubs way. This had every making of a discouraging loss but Dino came up HUGE tonight. Clutch 2-out 3 run homer followed up by a beautiful throw on a strike-em-out throw-em-out double play in the top of the 9th.

A win is a win is a win is a win. I'll gladly take it.

lol Jack Cust
good times

A Jack Cust reference! I love it. Now that I think of it he hits like him also. Either a home run or strikeout for Chris Young nowadays with a worse strikeout to HR ratio than Cust.
Wow is bartolo struggling. The A's need to produce some runs. They have gone full retard this series thus far.
Sold out today with no BART, kinda surprising lol
Cespedes' defense single handedly is costing us this game.
rally please

Cant believe we lost to the Fn cubs
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Lol I had a friend in high school who was an As fan and he loved jack cust hoard
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This was a weird series. I can't believe we won but ill take it!
Originally posted by socalfan21:
This was a weird series. I can't believe we won but ill take it!

ugly ass win lol
W in KC tonight
Originally posted by DaDDieO:
W in KC tonight

and Balfour tied Eckersley's record!
My favorite A's player ever is a huge Josh Donaldson fan

Susan Slusser ‏@susanslusser1h
Miguel Tejada thinks Josh Donaldson has numbers to be All-Star, thinks they should take all deserving 3B, notes Donaldson can catch, too.

Susan Slusser ‏@susanslusser1h
Tejada thinks that @BringerOfRain20 is #Athletics best all-around third baseman since Eric Chavez.

some more crazy ground breaking news
Susan Slusser ‏@susanslusser1h
Eric Sogard relieved his little dog Winnie is back home with @KayceeSogard after getting scared by fireworks and running away.
So who's all makin it from our squad? I think Colon and Balfour. Donaldson will get snubbed.