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2013 Oakland A's thread

This nightmare roadtrip continues. The Astros came to Oakland and gave the A's the gift of suckitude. We can't hit the f**king ball and our pitchers look like they're throwing batting practice.
lololol redsox
Hopefully this is more than just a one game re-awakening.
I want 20!!
I mean... Where has this offense been???
Originally posted by InconvenienTTruth21:
I want 20!!

I'm not greedy... I just want this game to end without anyone running into a wall and getting helped off with a 13 run lead.
They need to just call it an official game, especially with the afternoon game tomorrow.
lol bartolos our best pitcher
Anderson blowing the lead....
Oh and look at this... The A's back to their horrible ways.
Anderson :(
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Lets hope that was the worst stretch for the starting pitching staff for the season. 4 bad performances and a hard luck 1-0 loss in 5/6 games is just
when the pitching sucks the offense is amazing
when the offense sucks the pitching is amazing
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The A's f**king suck. Period.