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2013 Oakland A's thread

Originally posted by InconvenienTTruth21:
Originally posted by DaDDieO:
I'll be at game 2 on Saturday night. Wanna win so bad!!!

hopefully we win both at home, at least!
so excited to go, crowds gonna be crazy man
I'll be at game 2! I agree it's gonna be crazy those first two games! I'm so glad they decided to take off the tarps for this one! Dumbass ownership, but oh well at least we made it this far! Sonny Gray game 2 son!
Anyone else fearing more playoff disappointment? I want to believe this will finally be the year when we break through, but I can't forget those recent postseason nightmares.
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I wish I was going to either of the games. It also so happens that I'll be up in the Sacramento area visiting my family this weekend, which is a Catch-22, because I won't have a chance to watch either game because of set plans.
I'm not gonna lie I'm a little scared of their rotation but I think homefield advantage gives us...a huge advantage
I cannot wait for tomorrow!
Originally posted by socalfan21:

so excited man!
sitting in row 1 along the 3rd base line, if a ball comes Miggy's way Ima throw my nachos at him!
More than 50,000 fans will be at Games 1 & 2, plus the Raiders vs Chargers game on Sunday night...Sewage issues await LOL I would NOT want to be a Coliseum worker over the next few days.
Originally posted by InconvenienTTruth21:
I'm not gonna lie I'm a little scared of their rotation but I think homefield advantage gives us...a huge advantage

I'm a little worried that Verlander might have found his groove in his last 2 starts: 12 IP, 9 H, 4 BB, 22 K, 0 ER. Granted, it was against the Twins and Marlins, but his velocity was consistently mid/upper 90s and offspeed stuff was wicked.

And hopefully this time off didn't cool down any of the A's hot bats. If Cespedes can play in LF that will be huge since they can then play Barton at 1B and Moss DH. Wow, whodathunk of all people, I would be hopeful Barton would be in the starting lineup, let alone on the roster.
Am I drunk or did they actually take out the tarps
Well that's a poor start.
Just got home and game is over already.
That's a horrible 1st inning
And now sherzer looks like he's brought jt
God damn can these announcers stop talking about how great they think the Tigers are.