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2013 MLB Regular Season Wrapup Discussion Thread

Originally posted by valrod33:
Rachel Nichols ‏@Rachel__Nichols 3m Attn Yankees fans: RT @TJQuinnESPN: A-Rod a different story. Possibility he interfered with investigation. MLB will go after him harder.

he isnt white, so selig was coming hard anyways

Originally posted by YungBird:


Double Check defense
So what I took from those Rodgers tweets is that he himself is on PED's
And now the Brews are gonna tank even more and get a top five pick, such b******t.
Matt Kemp is going back on the DL......for the umpteen time. Thank goodness they have Puig.
Nats shaking things up with the dismissal of their hitting coach. Davey hated losing him.
Jewish MVP out for the year
Rangers gave up 2 of their top 5 prospects for Garza

With Garza out of the way, the next Cub players that could be traded are Alfonso Soriano and Kevin Gregg.
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Originally posted by Frisco69ers:
Rangers gave up 2 of their top 5 prospects for Garza

hopefully he leaves after this season
although I don't think he's that special
Phils next two series are against the Cards and Tigers

this should determine if they buy or sell...hope they sell

need some new faces and something to look forward to
i wish mlb and the union can agree that if a player tested positive for any banned substance, the player's contract is no longer guaranteed and is on a year-to-year bases. For example, if a player earns 15 mil for the next five years, (13-17) but failed a drug test, the team can retain the player's right for the contracted amount owed to him; however, each year is based on the team's discretion.
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Originally posted by YungBird:


Double Check defense

Rodgers won't live up to his bet..just like when he lost the 9er jersey bet
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