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Former Fresno State Football Coaching Legend Jim Sweeney Dead at 83

Greatest coach in Fresno State Bulldog history. Took an afterthought of a small college team and turned it into a national powerhouse. His teams would later go on to wallop USC in the Freedom Bowl. Jim Sweeney: Dead at age 83.

For those Cal Bear fans who want to see what the real Jeff Tedford was really like, I was at this game in 1982. This would have been my sophomore year at Fresno State:

You'll hear more than one name in this broadcast that went onto a fine career in the pro ranks, including Stephone Paige, who put in eight seasons for the Kansas City Chiefs...
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Many memories of Coach Sweeny back in the day when I lived about 40 miles North of Fresno in the late 80's Turned that Football program into a team that, on any given day, could hang with and frequently beat, the big college powerhouse teams.

He put Fresno State on the map. RIP to a great coach.
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