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San Antonio Spurs 2012/2013 season thread.

Originally posted by Ninerjohn:
Originally posted by Joecool:
I know Duncan's contract but what are Tony's and Manu's contracts: 2 years also?

Tim will definitely play another year. Manu is probably the biggest question.

I'm pretty sure that both Parker and Ginobli have one more year on their deals. I think they all come back for one more year to go for #6.

I just hope all three stay in just as good shape and don't play any euro ball during the summer.

Definitely hope Leonard fine tunes his game.
Wow, hard to realize the Spurs have at least been to the Conference Finals in 14 of Duncan's 17 years as a pro.

Also, here's a good article on the Spurs defense improving the last two years as being a key factor in their wins.
Bewm. Got a young Boris Diaw in the draft.
Originally posted by Dajanksta:
Bewm. Got a young Boris Diaw in the draft.

Great pick. Its a shame they traded Corey Jefferson to the Nets I thought he would've been a great backup for them too.
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Can anyone analyze the Spurs draft, MadDog style?
Originally posted by Joecool:
Can anyone analyze the Spurs draft, MadDog style?


Analysis: Kyle Anderson is a OK pick. I had Damien Inglis higher on my big board. He's a more natural knee bender.

Conclusion: F- (Baalke fails again)

In all seriousness though, you have to love the Kyle Anderson pick. The closest prospect to Boris Diaw since.....Boris Diaw. Very similar skill set but has to improve his defense. Nice pick.
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