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San Antonio Spurs 2012/2013 season thread.

It is the start of another NBA season. I am looking forward to another Spurs season. There are a lot of questions with this team like are they still a play off contender, can Manu and Timmy stay healthy, and can our younger talent step up enough to complement the aging core. Hoping that this is the season that we can get by OKC and the Lakers and win the championship one more time.

only if Dobo where still alive to enjoy this. R.I.P
Was actually wondering why no one has started a thread for this season Dobo and Joecool are usually the big contributers to the Spurs stuff
Can't wait to see how we do this season. Seemed we kind of ran out of gas during the postseason, and I'm hoping it was just because of the crammed schedule. With a full 82, Pop can pick his spots to rest guys to keep them fresher for the playoffs.

Go Spurs!
Just not the same without dobo.

Parker closing out with a game winner.
Originally posted by Joecool:
Parker closing out with a game winner.

Not surprising Parker is clutch man
3-0 great start to season but why do we have to make every game tight in the 4th quarter. I want a stress free win lol.
Originally posted by 49erstrandedinclev:
3-0 great start to season but why do we have to make every game tight in the 4th quarter. I want a stress free win lol.

I don't know. Maybe Pop is doing on purpose to get them ready for the playoffs close games. I think it mentally affected us last year if we weren't blowing a team out. We need to learn how to win dirty. I hope we magically win the championship and make all those "super teams" look dumb.

BTW, what happened to Dobo?

National spotlight vs the Clips tonight! Wonder if Clips are still mad from the playoffs?

How in the hells does New Orleans and PHI get national TV?
Damn, we look old. But then again, the Clips will make most teams look old...but we actually are old.
Bring on the Lakers!!! They old!

Damn! We older.
Was gonna start a WZ showdown thread, but since this one was sitting on 13 posts, I figured we can just all hang in here tonight and help this thread get going. lol

The spurs are only off to their best start in franchise history. You'd think you hozers would want to talk about that.
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